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    VUES Brno s.r.o.

    VUES Brno s.r.o.

    The company was founded in 1947. We deal with designing, manufacturing and testing of special and non-standard electric rotating machines (asynchronous, synchronous and synchronous with PM), electric drives, and test stands with dynamometers.  We have a quality system according to ISO 9001 and an environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001 in place.

    VSM is a subsidiary company based in
    Griesheim (DE) providing the sales of selected
    products from VUES Brno in Austria, Germany
    and Switzerland. (VSM Antriebstechnik GmbHContacts)







    Interesting applications
    One of the interesting applications in which you can encounter VUES’s products is outboard marine motors. After several years’ development and testing, Czech company KARVIN presented a range of outboard electric motors designed for boats or yachts with a displacement of up to 5 t. The design based on AFEW6xxx motors has gained a number of satisfied customers since then. The main advantages of these motors from VUES production include reliability, low maintenance demands, high torque, quiet run, and variable speed control. The manufacturer states that in its class it is “the most efficient and fastest outboard electric motor on the current world market.” This is proven by the fact that the motors are used not only on ships operated in the Czech Republic (including boats of the Fire Rescue Brigade), but they are also exported to more than twenty countries of the world such as the USA, New Zealand, the Republic of South Africa, and Mauritius.

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